Marrakech 2011

Marrakech 01Marrakech 03Marrakech 02Marrakech 07Marrakech 08Marrakech 09
Marrakech 04Marrakech 05Marrakech 06Marrakech 10Marrakech 11Marrakech 12
Marrakech 13Marrakech 15Marrakech 17Marrakech 14Marrakech 18Marrakech 16
Marrakech 19Marrakech 20Marrakech 21Marrakech 22Marrakech 23Marrakech 24

Marrakech 2011, a set on Flickr.

Photography from my recent trip to the Red City


Bamboo Sketches

Bamboo 6Bamboo 5Bamboo 4Bamboo 3Bamboo 2Bamboo
Bamboo 1

Bamboo Sketches, a set on Flickr.

A photo study of the massive bamboo forest in Kerala, India, from March 2011.


Syria 2010

PalmyraGreat Mosque - Damascus ivGreat Mosque - Damascus iiiGreat Mosque - Damascus iiGreat Mosque - DamascusSyria-14
Syria-15Syria-16Syria-17SouksPalmyra Views iiPalmyra Views
PalmyraPalmyraPalm horizonPalmyran LadyPalmyraSt Simeon's temple

Syria 2010, a set on Flickr.

Photographs from last years trip to Syria


Kerala Photogrpahy Workshops

After a very successful Kerala Photography Workshop, I am now back in the UK and sorting through the this space for a photo gallery very soon.


Fine Art Photography Prints for Sale

The newest set  of Art Prints available for sale of Travel Photography from the world – click to view

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