Dirt Jumpers

A set of images from a recent Photo Shoot with Dirt Jumping and Mountain Bike stunt star Jimmy Pratt.


It was amazing to see these guys jump so high and with such speed and skill..very impressive. 

More shots can been seen on my Flickr page.

all images © Filskifoto

The Arch of Durdle Door, Dorset Coast

After a short visit to the Dorset Coast I have uploaded a few new Landscape and Feature photographs.  This stunning location is called Durdle Door, along what is known as the Jurassic Coast, a natural arch carved away in the soft Limestone by years of waves and weather erosion. One day the arch will collapse, leaving a single stack out at sea. All along the coast there are small coves and beaches to discover and enjoy… when/if the summer ever properly arrives.

Some people braved the cold sea and used the arch for a bit of cliff jumping..

Corporate Images for Business

Here are recent Corporate and Conference photo shoots I have worked on in June and July. On these sorts of assignments mastering the available lighting is the key, and timing, composition and anticipation are your greatest tools to create interesting shots from what can be formal, bland, structured and un-exciting environments.
Most clients have a list of the shots they need, and often I try to not only deliver those, but also seek out interesting views, angles and moments that I have learnt to find and anticipate after several years of working as a professional.

And occasionally I do get to work with some great locations and venues, such as this one
The Williams Formula 1 Conference Centre

Professional Corporate / Business Photographer

These are a few samples of recent Corporate and Business Photography I was commissioned to produce for a range of companies in London and Surrey. The styles range from an informal office based portrait, to a clean head-shot with a plain background. The Corporate Portrait is generally used  for business profiles, anual reports, press release and social media, editorial and websites.  They vary in their formality and ‘business’ look and with over 9 years professional experience I can produce photography to show your company and personell at their best.

 Corporate Portraits – informal and social style images..staff at wrok and interacting

Corporate Portraits – more formal and clean style images for staff profiles

Corporate Portraits – Employees and staff at work and location style portraits

Company Business shots – a range of images showing the company’s fleet and work environment, with strong emphasis on branding and signage.

Industrial Photography – business and Industrial location photography used in sale of the warehouse and company reports.